Jan. 24, 2011

Tip #253: Always stay with the group. In honor of the members of L4D2 Research, in New York, NY–dedicated to rigorously testing and refining the most efficacious strategies for the survival of the human race in the event of a zombie apocalypse. To quote the great Winston Churchill: “Victory at all costs, victory in spite [...]

Oct. 7, 2010


Oct. 6, 2010

Zombie Ninja. Yeah, you heard right. My video game will have zombie ninjas! They will kick your ass and THEN eat your brains.

Oct. 5, 2010

Warrior. Had the pleasure of hanging with Jason Singer recently–actor, voiceover artist, world traveller, prolific photographer, writer, tinker, tailor, and who the hell knows what else. Good guy to hang with, if you get the chance, but what really grabbed my attention was that over his lengthy career Jason has done voices for some of [...]

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